Prints drying after being exposed and developed.



WMPC member Kelly Walkotten drying a coated piece of paper.


One of the shows we have talked about doing in 2014 is a Historical Processes show.  Historical Processes, also called Alternative Processes are those photographic photo printing processes that have fallen out of favor.  They include Cyanotype (Blueprint), Van Dyke Brown, Kalitype, Platinum and many more.

Since some of our members have never done any of these processes, we need to get them acquainted with them, so they can participate in the show.  Also, these processes are a slice of history that give people who do them a glimpse into what photographers had to do to get a print.   Some are arguably better than printing processes being used today.

We started out with Cyanotypes.  It is a cheap, easy process which introduces people to hand coating a piece of paper, drying it properly, and using a UV exposure unit.    While coating and drying the paper only took 5 or so minutes, exposing the paper using a digital negative took upward to 30 minutes.  They then had to be developed, which for Cyanotype, just involves a wash in water for 20 minutes.  Then they get hung up to dry.  We didn’t get many prints, but there were some good ones.

Next month we will give Van Dyke Brown prints a shot, and continue on from there.